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ISO Certified Dental Clinic in Mumbai


Here are just some of the nice things people have said about us,
its the kind of selfless goodwill that feels like a pat on the back and makes all the hard work worthwhile..

Toothache reminds you of a hell! Enter Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic and the hell turns into a heaven! Lighter vein apart, you get world-class dental care at Dr. Khalap's both clinics. In fact both clinics are ISO certified. Since 2010 I and my wife got treatment done here, which was very satisfactory and cost-effective. The clinic has a team of dedicated doctors with a thoroughly professional and ethical approach. Yes, you get a reminder of your appointment! And you also get a birthday greeting as a cherry on a cake!
Pramod Gowande
Commissioner of Customs,
Dr. Khalap is not just a dentist but she is an artist.
Your dental health is so important to her that she wants you to be happy with her work.

Dr. Khalap keeps current with the latest procedures and equipment.
She and her staff are true to their profession.
They make you feel at home
Dr. Mrs. Indira Patil
San Francisco,
I went for a root canal treatment at Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic . The way Dr. Suvarna Khalap explained and educated me about my dental issues was paradigm shifting. I became absolutely comfortable. The treatment was very complex as it was a wisdom tooth root canal, yet it was completely painless & at ease. Now I can completely trust Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic for my dental care.
Atul Rajoli
CEO, Born2Win ,
This is with reference to my Root Canal treatment carried out here. I was expecting a very painful and repeated appointment for the procedure.

It came to me as a very pleasant surprise that the entire drilling and filling was done in a single sitting with a very minimum amount of pain both during and after the procedure.The follow up to cap the filling by taking a dental impression had been very efficient and professional.

I am very pleased with the treatment and the phone reminder of my appointments.
Savio Fernandes
Dr. Suvarna Khalap has been and is my dentist for more than 10 years and will remain so for the foreseeable future. And, every time I visit Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic, I commute to Bandra from my residence in Andheri Lokhandwala, a distance of 17 km through most difficult traffic. Any Bombayite will be able to appreciate this as a testimonial of my trust in Dr. Suvarna. She is an outstanding professional, she is highly skilled and experienced in her craft, she relates very well with her clientele most of them are long time clients including many who make annual pilgrimages from overseas locations, she runs her clinic very efficiently and has trained and nurtured many young dentists who have gone to be successful in their careers. Over the years, I have observed Dr. Suvarna introducing the latest in technology and collaborating with super-specialists in dentistry in order to provide the best possible services to her clientele. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Suvarna to others for their dental health requirements. 'customer delight' guaranteed!
Vinod Ayer
I am very pleased to inform you that I am very happy to be your patient coming to your clinic was a wise decision.

It was a clean, hygienic, friendly place to get treatment done for my dental care. Service was extraordinary.

Wish you and your wonderful team and families, all the very best in 2015 and coming years.
God Bless You All.
Adrian Dsouza
It's about twenty-five years she's treating me; My teeth are good and clean because of her genuine dental care.
Although she has patients and patients non-stop, Lovingly she'll attend me, and with a smile too; With an humble and grateful heart,
I thank God for a Dental Surgeon, so smart;
Thank you, for your care of me.
Sr. Rosita
Mount Mary Church, Bandra,
I had great experience getting my dental work done at Dr. Suvarna Khalap's clinic. The quality of service is excellent and the staff is courteous and very thorough and they do a great follow up. I got a tooth implants, cleaning and fillings in a cost effective and friendly manner.
Firdosh Bhathena
Dr. Khalap is good and I am comfortable with her for last 20 years. She gives us very good service and I am happy with her treatment. On every visit to India I go to Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic for checkup. Her staff is also very co-operative.
Rashida Siwani
Houston, TX,
A Doctor-cum-friend is what my experience was, and is in this clinic; full of warmth and ready to help staff. I think that is why I come all the way from south Mumbai for my treatment here to bandra. All the best for the future.
Pramila Loonawat
Opera House,
South Mumbai
Very Good treatment and satisfactory Treatment. Dr. Khalap and her team make every visit comfortable, I strongly recommend Rajaram Smile-Care Dental Clinic for my dental treatments.
Mr. Kazgi
Dr. Khalap and her team make every visit comfortable, every dental detail is properly recorded and courses of action detailed
Great, Thanks a lot!!!
Mr.Chetan Bolar
I have been undergoing treatment at your clinic. The doctors are highly trained and efficient and have guided the right treatment. The staff is polite and ready to help patient feel comfortable. I am happy and satisfied with the ongoing treatment and would like to spread smile.
Vinod Loonawant
Opera House,
South Mumbai